Solution provider and technological counterpart in the development of industrial and pre-competitive projects, CENTIMFE, as a pro-active and dynamic interface organization, reveals itself as an:
  • important link towards Industrial Innovation;
  • key-partner in the development of structural and strategic projects for the Moulds, Special Tools and Plastic Sectors;
  • important node in the technology transfer between R&D and Scientific Institutions and Industrial Companies.

Through a consistent activity of applied research, experimental development, technology intelligence and networking, CENTIMFE is endowed with intervention capacities in cutting edge fields such as Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling, High Speed Machining, Surface Finishing, IT & Collaborative Work or Injection Moulds Optimisation.

Founded in 1991, CENTIMFE nowadays gathers more than 200 associated organisations, comprising industrial companies and public institutions such as IAPMEI (the SME and Investment Support Institute), INETI (the Portuguese Industrial Technology and Engineering Institute), IPQ (the Portuguese Institute for Quality) and the Town Councils of Marinha Grande and Batalha, as well as sector-oriented private organizations such as CEFAMOL (National Association of the Moulds Industry) and APIP (National Association of the Plastics Industry).

The activity of CENTIMFE surpasses the technical, technological and training support, embodying therefore an integrated and broad approach towards Industrial competitiveness.


SGuided by a policy of technological Excellency and high Quality standards, CENTIMFE is certified according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standards for the provision of services in the areas of:

  • Product development and design, rapid prototyping, industrial design;
  • Technological cutting processes, metal cutting both conventional and high speed machining;
  • Injection moulding of thermoset and thermoplastic materials;
  • Quality management, occupational health and safety systems, environmental management;
  • Technological diagnosis, reegineering, benchmarking;
  • Training;
  • Organization of events;
  • Industrial Property

CENTIMFE comprises a Calibration Laboratory accredited by the IPQ (NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standards) for the development of 16 calibration trials for linear measuring equipment and a Dimensional Control Laboratory for the provision of added valued services, revealing a broad approach towards Quality, by acting over influencing factors such as management systems, standardisation, metrology and certification. Additionally, the INOFOR accreditation acknowledges this Center as being an effective mean for the provision of training services.







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Phone: (+351) 244 545 600

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