Position yourself as an interface to support the development of mold industry, special tools and plastics through their interaction with companies in these sectors in their different functions, acting as a liaison for technology transfer between science and technology system and those under the pole of competitiveness and technology engineering & tooling.


How affirmation and differentiation factor, CENTIMFE must fulfill its mission, maximizing the available resources and strengthening its partnership network, to meet the needs of its Members and industry in general, in response to growing market changes.

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The CENTIMFE bases its activities in close contact with the companies, in order to continuously meet their needs and be up to them to provide specific solutions, technical support, quality and innovative services, and strategic information. , For that to contretize, establishes the following commitments:

1. Promote continuous improvement of all activities of the center, optimizing the available resources;

2. Enhance the participation of all employees and stakeholders, a philosophy of Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness:

o. Helping integration in industry and affirmation as technical;

b. Providing necessary further training and constant updating;

c. Fostering teamwork and individual accountability for commitments;

d. Prevention and instilling rigor as performance standard;

e. Promoting creativity and active participation in IDI Management.

3. Ensure confidentiality and observance of professional secrecy concerning information obtained in the execution of services and participation projects;

4. Develop networks of cooperation with other entities in the "Know", contributing to active participation in R & D, technology transfer and consolidation of the Portuguese Quality and Innovation;

5. Promote and disseminate technological advances by Industry (associated), functioning as one of the main sources of information;

6. Actively involved in supporting the definition of public policies for R & D and innovation, national and community, contributing to the definition and development of strategic and Road Maps-Industry Innovation representing.

We believe that our management system allows us to comply with our mission, pursue our other Securities and operationalize our vision, so we are committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and Referential IN 4457 and legal requirements, regulations, statutory and national standards and international standards, as well as continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and Innovation.



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